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Homefront Crack at the bottom of review. First-person shooters are quickly becoming the reality show of video games. Thankfully for Kaos Studios, Homefront does indeed do something special. It's not in the way the game plays but rather in its plot and setting. Homefront tells the tale of a United States that's barely recognizable today. Homefront is something totally different. Homefront doesn't shy away from overt acts of violence, grisly scenes of human carnage, or other realities of war and occupation. All of this goes a long way towards making the world of Homefront feel real.

This presentation is easily the strongest thing Homefront has going for it. And considering I'm a huge fan of alternate history and future history (as well as movies like Red Dawn penned by John Milius, the game's writer), the plot and themes certainly resonated with me. In terms of gameplay, however, Homefront is unremarkable. The good news for PC gamers is that you can control Homefront with either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad.

Homefront Single Player
The single-player campaign is a lot of fun, but its inexcusable shortness is also Homefront's greatest downfall. Homefront is going to run you $60 new, and if you're not at all interested in multiplayer, then the value Homefront delivers to you as a consumer is minimal. Multiplayer is another story. While the actual modes of Homefront's multiplayer offering are limited, I still found myself lost in how much fun I was having with it. When you combine all of this with the in-game multiplayer-centric Challenges, you'll find that multiplayer in Homefront is quite deep.

Moreover, Homefront suffers from some pacing problems, issues with scripted events, and a few technical hiccups. The single-player game never froze on me and barely stuttered, but online locked-up on me multiple times, forcing me to hard restart my console. I guess that just goes to show how addicting and fun Homefront's multiplayer can be.

Homefront Crack PC

I liked Homefront a lot, and yet I acknowledge that the aspects of the game I like the most aren’t the most important in determining whether the game is great or not. Homefront is certainly one of the most unique shooters I’ve ever played, driven by an ingenious and surprisingly well-fleshed out plot and a dark and dreary, realistic setting. But it also controls and feels like a typical shooter, looks like a game that’s several years old, and most importantly, has an inexcusably brief campaign. The game's slogan is 'Home Is Where the War Is'. Unfortunately, the are a lot more problems in Homefront than the war.

Homefront's engrossing vision of the future and gratifying competitive multiplayer outweigh its squandered potential and workaday game mechanics.

Kaos Studios is a name familiar to a fair portion of the multiplayer FPS community -- the developer started off as Trauma Studios, creating the excellent Desert Combat mod based on Battlefield 1942. Single player

Homefront has been hyped for many months now, largely on its story of a Korean-occupied America and emphasis on "moments" rather than just repeated shooting sequences peppered with plot. As it is, we've got a few refreshing moments in a mostly standard single player mode, one that's terribly short, even for those who don't mind short games. Kaos has said they'll be creating a longer single player mode for the sequel, implying it was a matter of balancing resources between multiplayer and single player.

It's a shame, but Homefront is another product that calls into question whether it's worth the RRP. Homefront uses a currency system called 'Battle Points' to help manage the scaled performance rewards, much like COD's kill streaks. There's hardly any weapons to choose from, offset only by the increased choice of attachments for the existing weapons, so far there's not many maps to speak off, and even gameplay modes are a little thin on the ground as well. Saying that, what is there is pretty enjoyable - Ground Control is a multi-phased control zone-type mode, there's your standard deathmatch, and there's an AI 'Battle Commander' that will assign special meta-missions to you for extra points. Even the game engine - which we're told is Unreal, doesn't really look that great. There are worse games you could spend your money on. Top Game Moment: It's a tie between the really emotional segments of the single-player and some of the more interesting multiplayer happenings.

War on American soil isn't a foreign concept for first-person shooters, but few do it with the grim dedication of Homefront. There is some longevity, however, to be found in Homefront's competitive online multiplayer. Much of what Homefront offers feels overly familiar, but the dramatic setting and good multiplayer recipe make it a worthy stop on any shooter fan's tour of duty.

As Homefront's vision of the future becomes more believable, the events of the campaign hit closer to home. Homefront's most intense moments aren't action movie sequences--they are emotionally wrenching, human encounters with the horrors of war.

Homefront gives lip service to things like having to be frugal with ammunition and getting creative to avoid patrols, but it mostly plays out like a standard, linear shooter campaign.

Though Homefront isn't a beautiful game, there are a lot of thoughtful details that provide echoes of earlier conflict and show different stages of societal breakdown. By spending a lot of time on quality exposition in the early going, Homefront's campaign sets itself up for a longer story arc, but it doesn't deliver. With only two core game modes (Team Deathmatch and Capture and Hold) playable in two variations, the options are few. Things start get more lively as soon as battle points come into play. Furthermore, if you play the Battle Commander variants of the standard modes, your skills can earn you instant battlefield notoriety. Matches in Homefront don't feel quite like matches in other games, and there's enough depth here to fuel plenty of hours of combat. Yet, the best part of Homefront is the thoughtful and thorough vision of the future laid out by the campaign. It squanders a lot of potential for greatness, but Homefront's campaign still fuels much of the game's appeal, helping to distinguish it among a crowded field of competitors.

Homefront Multiplayer Review

With Desert Combat DNA coursing through its veins, Homefront promises to add a third alternative in the multiplayer FPS war between Battlefield and Call of Duty. It's not that Kaos studios haven't tried - they've included a laundry list of must-have features in the game. Dedicated servers deliver lag-free gameplay. Tanks, jeeps and choppers spawned across large maps deliver a scale of fighting that makes COD look tiny. As is commonplace these days, an experience point system compels addictive gamers to play just one more round, in the hopes of unlocking a particularly cool weapon. Yep, as far as we can tell, there's zero bullet penetration in the game, let alone any destruction of the environment. The final struggle for Homefront is its shortage of content. It seems the developers lacked the masses of manpower needed to create the many assets used in today's big shooters; with just six maps, one core game mode and a handful of vehicles and weapons (identical for each side), battle fatigue will set in quickly.

There's something about its quickness of battle, uber-bullets and solid hit registration that many find lacking in Battlefield, yet its large environments and vehicular action delivers a tactical experience not found in Call of Duty. Despite of all those ambitious claims and the hype created, the single player experience of Homefront becomes a prey to a weak story and simple copy pastes from the modern warfare shooter games on the market. But there is still a solid multiplayer FPS experience out there. If you are looking for a good alternative to Battlefield or Call of Duty’s multiplayer experience Homefront is ready for you to hit the shelves and get a score of 85 from us. But if you are looking for a dramatic single player experience with solid storyline it won’t be enough even if you spell this score from backwards.

Given that credit alone, Homefront should have been amazing. Most modern shooters have no issue with this resolution, even if the menu screens get a bit wonky but Homefront was having none of it. Anyhow, time to join the resistance!

At the start of the game, the United States is largely occupied by Korean forces and the player is being sent to a prison camp to mine for ore. Visually, Homefront is a very attractive game, utilizing a modded Unreal Engine 3 for its visuals. It should be noted that the PC version of Homefront was not developed primarily by Kaos Studio but was outsourced to Canadian developer, Digital Extremes. The game audio is excellent, with the sounds of a large-scale conflict always looming around you. Homefront's gameplay is of the contemporary FPS fare, being akin to Call of Duty: Black Ops in its frenetic pacing and sudden action elements. Unfortunately, the gameplay of Homefront on the PC does have some challenges. By far, the single biggest issue with Homefront is the length of its singleplayer campaign.

Homefront's story is full of mature situations and death - as it should be. Overall, Homefront is a fun game that should definitely be experienced... as a rental. Don't pay $60 dollars for a three hour game - doing so is not fair to gamers at large as other game companies will soon follow suit unless there is enough backlash. Homefront is a tragedy - so much potential and great setup with so little to show for it. I was hoping to see four more hours of game time!

The main, glaring issue for PC players at the moment is performance. Graphically, Homefront is a mixed bag. Homefront is a simple offer: another cut-above multiplayer shooter with strong community support and an interesting blend of gameplay styles.

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