Captain America Apk

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Download Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty game Android apk! In line with the release of blockbuster movie Captain America: The First Avenger on July 22, Marvel Entertainment attempt to bring it closer to the fans through a 3D action game entitled "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" and live a separate wallpaper fro Android smartphone platform. Live wallpaper will display a red shield with a blue-white-star image in the center, which is a popular icon to portray Captain America.

While Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty apk allows you to act as Captain America on a mission to stop the Red Skull and HYDRA soldier. Use the shield to attack, block and create a maneuver to defeat them. Graphical display presented quite spectacular for the size of the action games.

This game provides 24 levels you must go through with multiple paths and hidden areas, accompanied by more than 3 episodes. This game is also based on the original story and script written by Christos Gage. Panel comics and original soundtrack will complement your experience to be Captain America.

Captain America Apk
Captain America Live Wallpaper Apk
Game download: here

Live wallpaper download: here

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Apk (Android game) Trailer

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