Rise of the Planet of the Apes Ending Credits

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Some of you may have been missed Rise of the Planet of the Apes scenes after the very end credits of the movie. Spoiler for the teaser (extra scene) below.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Ending Credits
Ending of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Caesar eventually escapes from the primate facility and travels to Will's house, where he steals an airborne strain of the new virus and releases it throughout the cage area, enhancing the intelligence of his fellow apes. He beats Dodge down and, after showing his first capability of speech by shouting "No!" at him, electrocutes him by spraying him with a hose while his stun stick was turned on. The apes at the facility escape into the city, releasing the remaining apes from Will's former place of work and from San Francisco Zoo.

The apes then force their way past a police blockade of the Golden Gate Bridge meant to stop them from crossing. Jacobs arrives in a helicopter and one of his crewmen begins gunning down apes. The gorilla who helped Caesar become dominant among apes sacrifices himself to take down the helicopter, which crashes on the bridge, killing everyone inside except Jacobs. He begs for help, but his helicopter is pushed down into the bay below by a chimpanzee. The apes make it into the Muir Woods National Monument forest. Will arrives at the forest and is attacked by the same chimpanzee that killed Jacobs, but Caesar stops it from harming Will. Will warns Caesar that humans are strong, but tells him that he can protect him if he returns home. Caesar, now capable of speech, tells him that "Caesar is home" in the redwood forest. Meanwhile, the virus responsible for raising the apes' intelligence has started a global pandemic among humans.

Update: Ending clips

During Credits Scene

Will’s (James Franco’s) neighbor, who earlier in the film had been coughed on by Robert (the lab’s ape handler who was fatally infected with ALZ-113). The scene not only reveals that the neighbor is also infected now, but that he’s also a pilot and is about to fly from SFO airport to New York. The extra scene ends there, but the next minute or so of the credits is over a background with growing lines that track the spread of the infection to the rest of the world, starting with Europe, then Africa, and so on.

Update: After credit scene

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Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

wow.this is great.
thankyouuu for posting this.
finally I know now the real ending:)

Berto said...

I immediately caught the implication of the cough on the neighbor when it happened in the movie. Unfortunately I didn't stay for the credits so I missed the final scene in the airport. I had wondered why they never did anything with the exposure issue during the rest of the movie. Now I know! LOL.

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