PES 2012 Demo for PC Free Download

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Konami released PES 2012 Demo for PC, now available to download for free.

If we talk about the the best football game, then most of us would immediately appoint series Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) without hesitation. The gameplay is born of cold Konami hands, it does offer more gameplay with simple controls and easy, while featuring realistic soccer sensation. Moreover, Konami also continued to innovate to produce more fresh gameplay system and better in every series. One of the best examples is the presence of a bar that controls the power and freedom more freely in the last PES 2011.

Admittedly, there are some classic problems still occur in PES 2011, which makes no maximum playing comfort. As a sports game with a massive amount to team members, it is not surprising that the PES AI requires the ability to be able to adapt and support the gamers playing style. But not infrequently we often find the AI ​​that actually move beyond our will, make the effort to attack or defense becomes ineffective. Things like this that seek improved by Konami on PES 2012. Whether they did it? There is only one way to find, try its demo version directly.

Konami just released the second version of PES 2012 demo for consoles and PC. For those of you who can not connect to an online service console for any reason, then the PC version the best choice. Konami's official website or any links out, you will be able to find a demo version 2 is quite easy. Do not expect that you will find many new things in this second demo version, everything is still available is limited. But one thing is for sure, just to try out the latest gameplay system. At least to get some idea.

If it only refers to the demo version is presented, it must be recognized that the appearance of PES 2012 does not change significantly. The quality of the graphics are not much different from the existing series of PES 2011 yesterday. But remember, the demo version still had a chance to appear different from the retail version of the future because Konami still have a chance to add and refine all the details. Impression that there is quite a different feel to the movement of the characters move more smoothly and easily controlled. A variety of new animations are also displayed in this latest series.

One thing that is promised by Konami for PES 2012 is the focus of the game will now be changed to be more team-based. If the PES 2011, individual skill is enough to break the base defense, the AI ​​opponents are now designed to be more responsive to read the motion of the ball and blocking an attack. The result? The best alternative is to construct an attack by working together. Fortunately, Konami is working to improve the way AI friends who are now more adaptable to the goals that we wish to achieve. They will move forward and try to find the best position when we started moving the ball. The sensation that feels different, making the game move more dynamic and easier.

This is perhaps the most basic elements that make PES 2012 gameplay and appear with different sensations. Have you complained how the AI ​​always moves in the wrong direction? How are they silent when you attack? Have you ever thought, "If I had that control it"? If so, then PES 2012 grant your request. Not enough just to build a more intelligent AI, Konami also includes a new mode called Teammate Controls to make sure you have more control to move as a team. How does it work?

If in the past, the right analog on the controller is only useful for feinting, then in PES 2012 a new function added in it. You can now use the right analog to move the other team members around, with only a direct and pressing the right analog. Scheme teammate controls were executed here. You do not just passively wait for AI to move, but you can control them now to move forward. There are two selection modes for this new function. If you choose "Automatic", then every time you press the right analog, the members of this team will automatically run forward. If you select "Manual", then the pressure in the right analog will give you full control, not only asked him to move forward, but also moves 360 degrees. Just imagine, you can use the two analog to control two players! The left analog to move the player who took the ball and the right analog for players who want to go. It's really an innovation that deserves thumbs up.

Teammate Controls feature is also not only functions when the active game, but also in the dead ball. If you use it at Corner Kick, you can choose one player as the target ball and move it freely. When you feel his position is just right, you simply press the feed button and the ball will directly lead to the player. Making it easier to find a position that is more effective to produce a goal. The same thing can be done for the Free Kick and Throw In. What about the defense system? You now only need to move the right analog to switch players, by simply pointing to the player in question.

How to tell which player is controlled with a team mate controls? You'll find a fine blue line indicator below the top players head to signify it. So you will not be confused. If you feel the game will be much easier, you should think again. Moving the two players at once requires eye-hand coordination is much better. It takes effort to learn and adapt with it before it can use its full potential. But admittedly, this feature controls teammate will be a "main pillar" of new experiences presented by PES 2012. The more challenging, more tactical, more exciting.

Not many things can be tried in this demo series. You can only try out exhibition mode with only four teams with the old lineup, Libertadores Tournament, and Training Mode. However, Konami is providing enough information about what's on offer retail PES 2012 coming through a video that you can not cut. In addition to showing changes in the gameplay, this video also gives a little glimpse of the new modes in PES 2012. If you have just given the opportunity to pursue a career as a player through the "Become a Player", now you can feel the ups and downs of being a club owner through the "Become a Club Boss". No further details about the gameplay that were presented, but it seems to revolve around the club finances and expenditures.

In terms of gameplay itself, Konami has also added an indicator Pass Support at options for gamers who often find it difficult to make passing the power bar system. Divided into five parts, the higher you set this option, the more attached and accurate passing the ball as well as you launch. The disadvantage? Although to be accurate passing, you are so much harder to throw the ball through pass that was supposed to move a little further than the players. Being accurate or not? Everything is returned to the basic style of your game.

Not many changes can be noted from the Game Plan that we access frequently before the start of the match. One that is quite striking is the presence of player photos in addition to the status he has. Not just a name, you now can see their faces. It is not significant, but the changes are enough to bring a new atmosphere in PES 2012.

Although still quite far from perfect, but Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 demo gives a pretty clear picture of the retail version that will be present shortly. Through the mechanism of the new gameplay, gamers are required to adapt back to the style of play a more team-based. Not difficult to learn, but not an easy thing to be executed anyway. One thing is for sure, this makes me a demo version can not wait to get to preview and review for the retail version.

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PES 2012 Release Dates for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC

September 27th
North America
Middle America
South America

September 29th

October 13th
Czech Republic
Middle East
South Africa

October 14th
United Kingdom

PES 2012 Release Dates for PSP, PS2 and Wii

Oktober 27th
Europe (PSP, PS2)

November 3rd
Europe (Wii)

November 8th
North America (PSP, PS2 and Wii)
Middle America (PSP, PS2 and Wii)
South America (PSP, PS2 and Wii)

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