The Vow Movie Ending

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The Vow, a must watch Valentine's movie this year. I bet many woman in the world are going to see this movie. Perfectly to watch for female with partner. Single female? Don't worry! This movie worth to watch too. For some who missed The Vow (2012) ending and credits of the movie. Spoiler alert for the plot below.

Ending of The Vow
Leo attempts to mend their relationship by taking her on a date. Although it appears Paige is herself again, she states she doesn't have the same feelings he has for her. Both family and friends advise them to let go and move on with their lives. Paige goes back to law school, only to rediscover her passion for art. She also discovers the reason why she became estranged with her family and left her ex-fiancee. She meets up with Leo and asks if he knew the truth. He states he did but he didn't want to win her love and attention that way.

Paige decides to go and study art, though this time her father agrees and the two reconcile. Paige also moves back into the city. Months later Paige and Leo bump into one another at their old cafe. Paige reveals how her life is slowly coming back together. In the end the two decide to go on a date, suggesting that they will restart their relationship and go back to the way things were.

During & After Credit Scene
No extra.

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