BlackBerry Davis 9220 Vs. BlackBerry Gemini 8520

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Launched for the first time in India, BlackBerry Curve 9220 aka Davis was eventually present in some country began last week. With the official beginning of a fairly cheap for BlackBerry phones, below $200, Davis is often compared with other BlackBerry low-end phone, Gemini 8520. As we aware, the current price of BlackBerry Gemini also below $200.

With the small price gap, the next question may be narrowed to the difference between these two smartphones. Yeah right, what distinguishes these two affordable BlackBerry phones? Let's check one by one.

Before discussing the design, we will first discuss what are the new features that RIM brought to this new phone. Davis comes with a special button as shortcut to BBM and FM Radio; this is certainly not going to be found on other BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry Davis
Affordable BlackBerry OS 7.1 phone 
Major differences were also seen from the operating system, where the new phone comes with the latest OS version, 7.1. In the sector of power supplies, BlackBerry Davis battery claimed to be more durable. That's because the capacity used is quite large, 1450 mAh, while Gemini only has a 1150 mAh battery.

With a capacity of 512 MB in internal memory, the data storage sector is also better than Gemini (only 128 MB). Even so, they both provide an external microSD card slot that can be expanding up to 32 GB.

In the design sector, both Davis and Gemini do not have much of a difference. BlackBerry Davis has dimensions of 109 x 60 x 12.7 mm and weighs about 102 grams, while Gemini is packed with the dimensions 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm and weighs 106 grams. Size of display screen along with the sharpness can be considered as equal.

What about connectivity for both of these phones? Unfortunately, both Davis and Gemini only capable of maximum EDGE (2.75G) of internet speeds. Luckily for browsing purposes, both can be maximize through Wi-Fi connection.

In addition of built-in application such as Facebook and Twitter, Davis also provides Social Feeds application, which allows users to send updates to other social applications simultaneously. Users can also see updates from any news sources through RSS feeds, social applications, and instant messaging merged into one in Social Feeds (This feature has been provided since OS 6.0).

Head to Head (G = Gemini, D = Davis)

BlackBerry Gemini notably cheaper than Davis.
G = 1 point
D = 0 point

Gemini only can be upgraded to max. OS 5, Davis built-in OS 7.1.
G = 1 point
D = 1 point

Internal Memory
Davis 512 MB is far more powerful than Gemini 128 MB.
G = 1 point
D = 2 point

Both phones only support up to maximum EDGE connection speed. 
G = 1 point
D = 2 point

Draw here, as they both use a 2 MP camera. 
G = 1 point
D = 2 point

Davis slightly slimmer and lighter than Gemini.
G = 1 point
D = 3 point

Battery Life
Davis has a more powerful battery than Gemini.
G = 1 point
D = 4 point

If your question is which device better between this two, then the answer is of course BlackBerry 9220 Davis. One biggest weakness of this latest RIM phone, is come from the connectivity hardware. I don't understand why they manufactured it with EDGE instead of 3G/ HSDPA? Many of low entry phones with far cheaper prices in the current market built nicely with 3G. It doesn't make sense if in order to keep the price low they have to cut off 3G.

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