All Time Best Selling Mobile Phone

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The mobile phone industry getting excited lately. With the higher level of sales, especially in the smartphone or smart phone.

But in the all time best-selling mobile phone data, smartphones actually not so dominate, perhaps because the price is more expensive. Feature phone that comes out of ancient times still dominate.

Especially Nokia brand which was once the world's most popular mobile phone manufacturers. They hold that title for 14 years.

So what models is the best selling of all time? Here's the list!

10. Motorola StarTac

Motorola StarTac

Clamshell-style Motorola StarTac is released by Motorola in 1996. This is the first mobile phone styled like shell.

StarTac also be the first phone that received widespread attention. Its sales totaled 60 million units.

9. Motorola C200

Motorola C200

Motorola was indeed a popular brand back then. Besides startac, C200 that came out in 2003 is also quite high in demand.

This phone was built with simple technology, but it is a decent phone in the old times. Recorded sales of 60 million units.

8. iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Released in 2011, the iPhone 4S gained high popularity. One feature that is still discussed until today is the Siri voice commands.

iPhone 4S still proved extremely popular in iPhone series. With the level of sales of 60 million units.

7. Nokia 5130

Nokia 5130

In that era, Nokia 5130 was indeed caught many attention among young people. The product release in 2007 was focused on the music features.

Nokia 5130 also a series of Nokia Xpress Music phone. Sold totals 65 million units.

6. Nokia 6010, Nokia 1208, Nokia 1600

Nokia 6010 & Nokia 1208 & Nokia 1600

Three phones from Nokia with similar features and build.

Nokia 6010, released in 2004 sold 75 million units, the Nokia 1208 which came out in 2007 sold 100 million units, while the Nokia 1600, launched in 2006 to 130 million units sold.

5. Motorola Razr V3

Razr V3

One of a series of best-selling Motorola Razr V3 is. The handset is marketed in 2004 in a stylish clam shell model.

The design is beautiful and with an external display makes it desirable. Sales totaled 130 million units.

4. Nokia 2600, Nokia 3310, Nokia 5230

Nokia 2600 & Nokia Nokia 3310 & Nokia 5230

Another best selling Nokia in the list, Nokia 2600, Nokia 3310 and Nokia 5230.

Nokia 2600, released in 2004 sold 135 million units, Nokia 3310 which came out in 2000 and sold 136 million units and Nokia 5230 achieved sales of 150 million units.

3. Nokia 1200

Nokia 1200
In 2007, there are many advanced phones in the market. But there are still many who crave simple and functional mobile phones such as Nokia 1200.

This handset offers basic mobile phone functions, namely SMS and make calls. Total sales reached 150 million units.

2. Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210

In 1999, Nokia began to reach popular brand in mobile phones market. That time they released Nokia 3210 as their user friendly phone.

This handset is very popular and sold like hotcakes in the old days. With the number reached 160 million units.

And finally, we reached to the top position! Drum roll.... the most selling phone of all time is.....

1. Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

And the winner is the Nokia 1110 which is marketed in 2005. Total sales according to the Telegraph, to reach 250 million units.

This is a phone that is simple. However, the cheap price, durability and Nokia big brand makes great demand at that time.

Surprisingly only 1 smartphone is in the list. You guys still rock, Apple, with your iPhone 4s. Well Samsung, maybe next time, but this is not the end, it's probably just the beginning.

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