How To: Sign In Web WeChat

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Have you use WeChat? Do you find it useful? Well, if you haven't, I suggest you try it. It's probably one of the best IM app out there. In my opinion, WeChat is better than WhatsApp Messenger, Line, or KakaoTalk in terms of speed, user interface and features.

Okay back to the topic. A lot of my friends are asking the same question when they want to try PC/ web version of WeChat. How do you login? there's no email, phone, password or whatsoever. You only get a QR code when you try to access the web version. The answer is: Damn Easy!!

So, here's how you do it.

1. Go to WeChat web version (some people call it PC version), use this link. You will get this page:

2. On your device, open WeChat app, sign in and tap/click on this icon:

3. Enjoy your chat session!

Hope this help. Let me know if you have any feedback or problem, thanks.

* WeChat is an instant messaging application that available in almost all platforms, you name it no matter you are using Android, iOS, old BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia, PC or Mac.
** Until this post were published, I have not heard about WeChat app for PC or Mac, right now there's only web version.

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