Oblivion Movie Ending

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Some of you may have been missed Oblivion (2013) ending and credits of the movie. Spoiler alert for the plot below.

Oblivion Movie Ending

Ending of Oblivion
Jack enters the space station and confronts "Sally", who is revealed to be a monolithic, amorphous being. Sally is disappointed when Jack opens the sleeping capsule, revealing that he has not brought Julia as promised, but a wounded Malcolm Beech, who had previously expressed his desire to be there at the moment the nuclear device was triggered. (Julia, unbeknownst to her, has been delivered to Jack's forest retreat; a lakeside cabin where he has stored keepsakes and mementos of human life, such as books and vinyl records.) With Sally growing hostile, Jack urgently recites stanza XXVII of Horatius (The Lay), a poem about Horatius' defense of a Roman bridge, and triggers the device, destroying the space station. By doing so, the remaining drones on the Earth are deactivated.

Three years later, Julia is living a peaceful life in Jack's forest retreat, and has given birth to a daughter, although she is still grief stricken by Jack's death. Through the surrounding forest, members of the former resistance appear, having visibly eschewed their armour and weaponry for more natural clothing. As Julia recognises them, "Jack", the clone of team 52, steps forward and the two hold each other's gaze.

During & After Credits Scene
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