Minions Fact (Despicable Me 2 Spoiler)

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Fans of Despicable Me Minions, here some fact you need to know about Minions!

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1. The minions are voiced by Despicable Me 2 directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud.

2. The minions’ language includes French, Spanish … and food references.

Despicable Me 2

3. Here is the lyric from Underwear song (parody of I Swear - All 4 One) by Minion which make us all go crazy

Lyric ver. 1
Ah lapota.
talaki mato lina.
labadee pochi la lota
ublana kiligee fopapu sayla nanee
lakare rireiwee ileinya
lapaplei dekwali delate
lagedilidita ileigwa
le sho li eh tu
a ke li ee tu
le aho li du le ga so lei ala

Lyric ver. 2

Underwear Lyric

Lyric ver. 3
Ah , Laopoda.
Talachi , Matol , Lina . Ah, Labadi , Hochi, La , No chaaa.
Wu pla na chii , leh ji
Fuh pa pu seh , La ma nii ~ Underwear

La kah reh , Li rey wee , Gih leh bya ~ Mah ke reh , Underwear !
La pah kreh , leh gua ri , Teh lah keh , Lah peh reh. Underwear !
Lah ceh peep, li bee da , ee leh gua. Lah gua rehh
Ley show lee leh duu , Lah keh rey dee zuu
Bleh ahh boh dee zu re kah , Zohh reh kah laa , UNDERWEAR
Lah du. Leh ah mo dee UNDERWEAR

I have no idea which version is the correct one, just pick the one suits you.

4. Minions are the official mascots for Illumination Entertainment.

Illumination Entertainment

5. Minions the movie? Our wish may come true! Minions is in production, with Coffin directing. It is scheduled for a Dec. 19, 2014, release.

6. It appears that even evil Minions love bananas!

Bonus: Underwear song for you!

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